Lynn Kim Do is a first generation Vietnamese-American born in the West Coast but raised in the East Coast. Lynn has always had an overactive outervision. She expresses herself through her personal style which has landed her on The NY Times and Harper’s Bazaar for her unique street x contemporary style. In front of the camera, her presence glows on-screen as a leading lady on a network show among other acting projects. Behind camera, she’s had 10+ years creative producing, assistant directing, and more. With her roots grounded in the Vietnamese immigrant experience, her journey is a testament to the strength and cultural richness that fuels her. She has founded a gathering of Viet Creatives in NYC called “Viet Salon” to connect like-minded people and uplift one another. In her free time, she’s packing meals for Chinatown’s Seniors through Heart Of Dinner or traveling — ticking off more than 17+ countries so far.