Check out the latest work from our Fashion models, Commercial Models, Plus Models, Parts Models and Fitness models! Fit models are a bit harder to see at work, but our Instagram stories may have some fun BTS glimpse.

Height175cm/5'9" Bust60cm/23.5" B Waist65cm/25.5" Hips90cm/35.5" Dress0-2 US Shoe7 US HairBlonde EyesHazel
Alex C
Height175cm/5'9" Bust87cm/34.5" B Waist69cm/27" Hips97cm/38" Dress6 US Shoe10 US HairBlonde EyesBlue
Anne W
Height180cm/5'11" Bust85cm/33.5" B Waist69cm/27" Hips94cm/37" Dress4 US Shoe10 US HairBrown EyesBrown
Arielle C
Height175cm/5'9" Bust86cm/34" B Waist71cm/28" Hips102cm/40" Dress8-10 US Shoe9 US HairDark Blonde EyesBlue
Brooke S
Height177cm/5'9.5" Bust90cm/35.5" B Waist70cm/27.5" Hips98cm/38.5" Dress4-6 US Shoe10 US HairBlonde EyesBlue
Daria K
Height174cm/5'8.5" Bust86cm/34" D Waist68cm/26.5" Hips92cm/36" Dress4 US Shoe8.5 US HairBrown EyesBrown
Eleonora M
Height175cm/5'9" Bust84cm/33" Waist68cm/26.5" Hips92cm/36" Dress4 US Shoe8.5 US HairBlonde EyesBlue
Freja Z
Height170cm/5'7" Bust86cm/34" D Waist66cm/26" Hips96cm/38" Dress4-6 US Shoe7 US HairDark Brown EyesBrown
Kiara G
Height180cm/5'11" Bust90cm/35.5" Waist71cm/28" Hips92cm/36" Dress4 US Shoe10 US HairStrawberry Blonde EyesBlue
Laura W
Height171cm/5'7.5" Bust86cm/34" Waist69cm/27" Hips94cm/37" Dress4 US Shoe8 US HairBrown EyesGreen/Brown
Lauren O
Height178cm/5'10" Bust84cm/33" Waist65cm/25.5" Hips91cm/36" Dress2 US Shoe9 US HairRed EyesBlue
Lauren W
Height170cm/5'7" Bust85cm/33.5" Waist67cm/26.5" Hips94cm/37" Dress4 US Shoe9 US HairBrown EyesBrown
Lynn Kim D
Height175cm/5'9" Bust82cm/32.5" Waist65cm/25.5" Hips91cm/36" Dress2 US Shoe7.5 US HairRed EyesBrown
Madison H
Height175cm/5'9" Bust86cm/34" Waist66cm/26" Hips94cm/37" Dress4 US Shoe9.5 US HairBlack EyesBrown
Monet P
Height182cm/5'11.5" Bust81cm/32" Waist65cm/25.5" Hips93cm/36.5" Dress2-4 US Shoe11 US HairDark Brown EyesBrown
Naomi C
Height175cm/5'9" Bust84cm/33" Waist66cm/26" Hips94cm/37" Dress2 US Shoe9 US HairDark Brown EyesBrown
Rocci M
Height180cm/5'11" Bust85cm/33.5" Waist67cm/26.5" Hips94cm/37" Dress2-4 US Shoe9 US HairBlonde EyesBlue
Sietzka W
Height179cm/5'10.5" Bust84cm/33" Waist66cm/26" Hips96cm/38" Dress4 US Shoe9 US HairBrown EyesBrown
Tal B
Height165cm/5'5" Bust86cm/34" Waist66cm/26" Hips93cm/36.5" Dress2-4 US HairDark Brown EyesBrown
Tawny T
Height175cm/5'9" Bust84cm/33" Waist66cm/26" Hips92cm/36" Dress2 US Shoe9 US HairRed EyesBlue
Valery L